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Your order will be confirmed by return e-mail and I will advise you regarding shipping charges. I send most orders via USPS Priority Mail so you can receive your items in a couple of days following receipt of payment.


If you are not happy with your purchase, you have nothing to worry about, as I will provide a 14-day return privilege on all sales. You will receive a no-hassle full purchase price refund for any item that does not meet your expectations for any reason. Just be sure to return the same item in the same condition as received and you money will be refunded. My feeling is that happy customers are repeat customers. Your only cost if this happens is the return postage and insurance (if applicable).


I will do my best to represent the items on my list fairly. I am most familiar with the TCA grading standards for toy trains and will be using those for now. The 1-10 scale that has been adopted by many toy and toy train dealers/auctioneers is very difficult to use at the upper end of the scale. The pictures of the items will provide an idea of the appearance of the item, but is never a substitute for a set of eyes. In addition to the pictures I will do my best to describe any defects that may not be apparent. If you have further questions, you can send me an e-mail and I will try to answer all of your questions in a forthright manner.

I believe you will find the pricing to be very competitive. In setting price, I will use the various price guides, for sale lists, auction prices realized lists, etc. More importantly I will be out there, where the action is, all year round to see what items are changing hands for on the open market. As a by-product this effort and my low overhead operation, I should be able to provide the same toy in the same condition at a lower price. Prices will be firm when the item is first offered, but if it does not sell in reasonable amount of time I will lower the price. 


Payment must be made in U.S. funds by personal check or money order. Payment should be made within seven days or you should advise me that you would like additional time. I am willing to provide reasonable payment plans, if this will assist you in buying more expensive items for your collection. Just let me know how I can work with you to reach your collecting goals and I will do my best to assist you to this end.

Please send payment to the address below:
Vienna Station c/o Ray Ellen
212 Walnut Lane N.W.
Vienna, Virginia 22180

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