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My name is Ray Ellen. I have been a collector of toys and toy trains for
quite a few years. I am a member of the Train Collectors Association
and the Toy Train Operators Society. Some of you may be familiar with
our Vienna Station toy train business listed on the Internet as
http://www.trainmarket.com I have been selling toys and toy trains for
over ten years, with about six years of experience selling on the Internet.
Actually, we were one of the first toy train sites on the net and carry a
large inventory of vintage trains from many manufacturers.

I have listed toys in a specific section on our “trainmarket” site for as
long as we have been on-line. However, I have found that sales of toys
are limited, most likely because our main business is toy trains. The
train collectors have found us, but I believe toy collectors by and large
have not. I have therefore decided to launch a separate site to offer
toys. I intend to expand the site and increase the quality offerings as
I gain experience. This will most likely benefit our customers, as I have
always tried to keep prices low, especially when I have limited knowledge
of particular items. I have always worked toward the “best service in the
business” and great value for the dollar spent.

The toy offerings will be eclectic. There are very few old toys that I have
seen that I do not like! You will find that tin-lithographed toys appear
frequently as these are my personal favorites. Also, there will be a big
emphasis on transportation toys, transportation related toys, military
toys and action toys. As I identify areas of particular interest to our
customers, I will aggressively seek out these for our listings. I will also
be willing to try to “hunt-down” those specific items you desire.

The format for our listings will be what I call catalog format. To the
extent possible, we will keep similar toys grouped in our major
categories which are labeled Marx toys, American manufactures and
Foreign manufacturers. There will be mostly older toys on the list,
but there will be some newer toys if there is strong collector interest
at this time. Each offering will be pictured and a description and price
will be provided. Of course, your comments positive and negative are
always welcome, as we want to make improvements to facilitate
commerce and expansion of our offerings. Don't forget to visit our
contact and order section of the site to give us your feedback and
comments! Enjoy!

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