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Popular early lithographed pre-war American Flyer Blue Bird passenger set With a 3113 blue lithographed box cab electric on long frame, trip reverse plus matching no number baggage car, coach and observation with dark blue roofs, passenger cars are lighted, all cars have black no spring trucks with brass journals, two repaired tabs on engine cab and replaced cast light housing, even and modest play wear on set, VG+

Item A, top shelf, left side, American Flyer pre-war switch tower in yellow and brown colors, roof is from post-war version and painted brown to match rest of original station, decent quality for layout use, about VG

Item B, top shelf, right side, American Flyer pre-war No. 92 Watchman’s Tower in attractive orange and green lithographed tin, has manual bell ringer, nice clean item and popular, comes with original box top with nice label, E-/E.

Item C, bottom shelf, left side, American Flyer pre-war No. 215 Water Tank, black structure, green ladder and red tank, this is the version with the light on the tank roof, original spout and wiring, nice quality, E-/E.

Item D, bottom shelf, right side, American Flyer pre-war No. 2020 Water tank, black structure, black ladder and red tank, unlighted as made, has brass finial on tank roof, original spout, comes with original box, E-/E.

Item A, top shelf, attractive Hafner Glen Ellyn passenger station with semaphore, this example has matched red base and roof, lithographed side walls are super clean and bold/crisp as any of these I have seen, semaphore has single red indicator, E/better

Item B, bottom shelf, left side, wood constructed flag poles with round red base, white pole and gold finial, has flag and string to move up and down, do not know manufacturer, E. - have 2
$12.00 each

Item C, bottom shelf, right side, pre-war American Flyer standard gauge No. 2009 arc lights, cast base, tubular pole and cast gingerbread top, original and complete moderate play wear, VG – have 3
$35.00 each

Top shelf, Item A, left side, Tootsietoy 1017 Torpedo Coupe in red with two part wheels with white rubber tires and sheet steel floor, very nice quality with no marks, collector quality, E/E+

Top shelf, Item B, center, Tootsietoy Chevrolet 1969 El Camino in red with silver trim, original tires, essentially no marks, 6 inch, E.

Top shelf, Item C, right side, Tootsietoy1954 Cadillac in red with silver trim, moderate play wear, mostly on roof and exposed edges, original tires, 6 inch, VG

Middle shelf, Item D, left side, Tootsietoy 1947 Mack L-Line tow truck in red with tow rig, original rubber tires, moderate play wear marks, VG

Middle shelf, center and right side, Item E, pair of Tootsietoy 1947 Mack L-Line tow trucks missing tow rig, one yellow, VG+ and one red, E., original tires
$12.00 pr.

Bottom shelf, Item E, left side, Appears to be custom painted Lincoln 2-door coupe, not marked, but construction is same as Tootsietoy, very attractive with no marks, 6 inch

Bottom shelf, Item F, center, Hubley No. 403 in red with silver trim, looks like a Ford compact pick-up truck, original tires, almost no signs of play wear, E+

Bottom shelf, Item G, right side, Tootsietoy tractor in dark blue, repair at axle holder, looks E except for damage

American Flyer post-war S-gauge set No. 5008 from 1950, passenger set that includes 360 and 364 A-B Santa Fe diesels in solid shiny chrome livery, A unit has dual motors as made, B-unit with no sound system as made, all original with complete original steps, condition of chrome finish is always problematic on these units, but these are above average as there are no serious voids in the chrome finish and the decals are complete, there is some lightened lettering along the bottom of the B-unit, plus set of three extruded aluminum passenger cars used with the early as follows: 660 combination car, 662 vista dome coach car and 663 observation car, all cars are lighted, have window inserts and black weighted link couplers, observation car has roof antenna and original plastic drumhead, some modest play wear, roofs could use some additional polishing, VG/VG+ for diesels and E- for cars

Nice little grouping of Madame Alexander clown dolls Item A, top shelf, left side, Bobo Clown 310, 1991 issue, 8 inches tall, original box, tissue and tag, includes stand

Item B, top shelf, right side, Bubbles Clown 342, 1993 issue, 8 inches tall, original box, tissue and tag

Item C, bottom shelf, Happy the Clown 10414, 1996 issue, 8 inches tall, Original box, tissue and tag, includes stand

American Flyer pre-war O-gauge neat little passenger set with 1093 box cab type electric engine in green brass doors, windows and pantographs, headlight through cab end at front, original cab paint but frame appears to be re-painted, motor is complete and runs plus AFL no number orange coach with black, gold and peacock trim and original green roof, four-wheel with later black step type frame and garter belt couplers and matching AFL observation car in same configuration, modest play wear, VG+

Item A, left side of frame-Hubley road grader in cast metal, original orange paint and chrome scraper parts, complete and original with play wear related to paint, length is 12.5 inches, VG

Item B, right side of frame-Hubley bulldozer in cast metal, red and silver, rubber tracks are missing, otherwise complete and works well, good looking toy that may have been partly re-painted, overall VG+/better

Top shelf, Item A, MRC Tech II Model Train Control in original box, nice DC transformer for operation of scale model trains, HO, N, Z and other gauges, essentially new

Bottom shelf, left side, Item B K-Line structure made from Marx molds, Fire House complete with all accessories in original box and bags, red house with gray roof, accessory items mostly red

Bottom shelf, right side, Item C, Downtown Deco, Missoula, Montana, Blue Angel Smoke shop and Louπs Tattoo Parlor, scaled for S-gauge, sealed kit that has never been opened, retail price was 41.14 originally, nice deal at

Mixed Lionel post-war train cars Top shelf, Item A, Lionel 9879 "Hills Bros." Reefer, red sides, yellow roof and ends, coffee logos on both sides, original display box, never run on track so LN/Mint, 1979-80

Middle shelf, left side, Item B, Lionel 19901 I Love Virginia box car in original display box, yellow sides with blue ends and roof, blue lettering and numbers, pink script Virginia is for Lovers on each side, part of Virginia is faded on one side, must have been from sun exposure, car is new except as noted, 1987 issue, LN

Middle shelf, right side, Item C, Lionel 16392 Wabash gondola in red with white lettering and numbers, crisp original box, Mint

Bottom shelf, Item D, Lionel 9660 Mickey Mouse Hi Cube box car in original display type box, white with yellow doors, colorful pictures, Mint though box is slightly dirty, 1977-78

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