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Lionel small passenger set that includes red with cream inserts 248 box cab engine plus matching red and cream 629 coach and 630 observation car, set is complete and original except for pantograph and light housing on engine, all data on inserts strong, all window material in car original and complete, copper journals, modest marks mostly confined to roofs, VG+

American Flyer pre-war Baltimore and Ohio Freight set from 1938 that includes the 43226 4-6-2 Pacific locomotive and large cast aluminum tender with six wheel trucks, split casting on locomotive is tight on the center line, nice original paint and most importantly both marker brackets on boiler front are intact despite one plastic marker missing, the tender has a few scattered light marks and full decals on both sides, freights include: 3208 box car in orange with peacock roof and doors, 3210 tank car in silver on light green frame, 3219 side dumping car in green on black frame and 3211 caboose in red with full trim and lighted, all pieces except tender have partial original boxes with data flaps intact, all rolling stock has black trucks with brass journals and 1938 only curly-Q couplers, cars are full E/better except for a small number of marks on the box car roof, engine and tender would rate E in my book

Lionel passenger set that includes a light olive 252 center cab engine plus matching pair of 529 coaches and 530 observation car in olive with red inserts, this is a very decent quality set and is totally original and complete except for engine light housing and reverse lever, car window inserts are original and all there, engine has through cab reversing lever, no journals, manufacturing stamps on underside on all cars, slight roughness on engine cab roof edge, light play wear only all pieces, VG+/better

American Flyer pre-war O-gauge "Hudson" freight set from 1937 that includes 1681 type steam locomotive, complete and original, nice casting but plenty of play wear marks, buyer could do touch-up or re-paint, great mechanics with correct, nice thin flange large drive wheel motor with complete original linkage, lead and trail trucks in place, tender is cast metal version, nice casting, sides re-painted and Northern Pacific decals placed, correct set of five freight cars that include: 3207 gondola in green, 3208 box car in buff with blue-green doors and roof, 3210 tank car, blue base and light green tank and 3211 caboose in red, fully trimmed and lighted, 3216 log/lumber car in green, all cars have gray trucks, brass journals, tab and slot couplers, all have decal logos, solid group of cars average VG+, engine and tender grade around VG due to issues noted above

American Flyer pre-war O-gauge Set No. 4102 Royal Blue passenger set that includes a 556 streamlined steam locomotive in blue, nice casting and original paint with some play wear marks, "Royal Blue" decals are complete, matching 555 tender in same color with complete decals, scattered play wear marks, 494 baggage car with white doors plus two 495 coaches in matching blue with white window trim and belly pans, unlighted as made, modest play wear marks, nice complete decals, replacement wheels on leading and trailing trucks on locomotive, overall VG+

Top of frame, Item A – Generic train clock with colorful old time locomotive Facing toward the viewer, battery operated, makes locomotive sounds, whistle sounds and flashing headlight on the hour, no box, appears new

Bottom of frame, left side, Item B, Lionel train clock, new in original box, 100th Anniversary clock, battery operated , train revolves around clock every hour, makes choo-choo and whistle sounds

Bottom of frame, right side, Item C, Lionel train clock, new in original box, officially licensed collector edition, battery operated, makes train sounds on the hour

Top shelf, Item A, MRC Tech II Model Train Control in original box, nice DC transformer for operation of scale model trains, HO, N, Z and other gauges, essentially new

Bottom shelf, left side, Item B K-Line structure made from Marx molds, Fire House complete with all accessories in original box and bags, red house with gray roof, accessory items mostly red

Bottom shelf, right side, Item C, Downtown Deco, Missoula, Montana, Blue Angel Smoke shop and Lou’s Tattoo Parlor, scaled for S-gauge, sealed kit that has never been opened, retail price was 41.14 originally, nice deal at

Mixed Lionel post-war train cars Top shelf, Item A, Lionel 9879 "Hills Bros." Reefer, red sides, yellow roof and ends, coffee logos on both sides, original display box, never run on track so LN/Mint, 1979-80

Middle shelf, left side, Item B, Lionel 19901 I Love Virginia box car in original display box, yellow sides with blue ends and roof, blue lettering and numbers, pink script Virginia is for Lovers on each side, part of Virginia is faded on one side, must have been from sun exposure, car is new except as noted, 1987 issue, LN

Middle shelf, right side, Item C, Lionel 16392 Wabash gondola in red with white lettering and numbers, crisp original box, Mint

Bottom shelf, Item D, Lionel 9660 Mickey Mouse Hi Cube box car in original display type box, white with yellow doors, colorful pictures, Mint though box is slightly dirty, 1977-78

Mixed Lionel structures for O-gauge trains Top shelf, Item A, Lionel new in box 6-12734 Passenger-Freight Station assembly kit, all parts still attached to trees, nice big station in attractive green, tan and brown colors, no painting required for this station to look good when assembled, Mint

Middle shelf, left side, Item B, Lionel new in box 6-12705 O and O-27 Lumber Shed Building Kit, still in original plastic bags, Mint, front view box

Middle shelf, right side, Item C, Lionel new in box 6-12705 O and O-27 Lumber Shed Building Kit, still in original plastic bags, original outside plastic on box, Mint, side view box

Bottom shelf, left side, Item D, Lionel in original box 6-12706 Snap Together Barrel Loader Building, some details painted and barrels painted gray, still a nice kit

Bottom shelf, right side, Item E, Lionel new in box 6-12773 snap together Freight Platform Assembly kit, interior packaging is gone but very clean, LN

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