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Set No. 27152 popular late issue Illinois Central Work Train that includes the Illinois Central Gulf 70 ton switcher, this one is loaded with double reduction motor, reverse unit and headlight, rolling stock includes IC 1024 flat car in black with pair of yellow fences, 24 depressed center searchlight car in black with yellow generator and gray light housing, IC 1020 wrecker, black flat car, orange cab and brown boom, has full crank and original hook and ICG work caboose on black flat with orange cabin and white tank, all rolling stock have G-trucks and plastic tilt couplers, comes in shop worn original box, track and transformer included if desired, E+/LN

Lionel No. 270 Single Span Bridge in bright red with aluminum plates, comes with an orange and blue original box, so assume this is the 1946 only issue of this item, probably never played with very much as there is only minor paint loss on sharp edges and no real play wear marks or scratches, should be graded E. (have 2 with later box, one box missing one end)

American Flyer pre-war bridges Item B, top of frame, No. 2 Trestle Bridge, 25" long open trestle bridge repainted in original red color with green and white lithographed tender house top center, tender house roof painted light green, nice layout item

Item A, bottom of frame, No. 2 Trestle Bridge, 25" long open trestle bridge in original red finish with all original green and white lithographed tender house top center, many years ago, based on the hardware used, the tender house and roof braces were elevated by 3/4" to accommodate bigger trains or wreckers to pass through, very neatly executed and could be reversed if desired, light play wear only, E-

Top shelf, Item A, Train telephone in Southern Pacific green livery in original box
Bottom shelf, left side, Item B, small model of Lionel Hudson with display board
Bottom shelf, right side, Item C, Hershey's Chocolate box truck, limited edition in display box, new
Lionel small freight set that includes a 248 box cab engine in red, engine is all original except for cast light housing, play wear mostly at corners of roof, double reduction motor with new wheels, rolling stock includes: 803 hopper in peacock with brass trim and plates, 804 Sunoco tank car in silver with aluminum plates and nickel ladders and hand rails, nicely restored 831 lumber car with reproduction load and 807 caboose in red with peacock roof, all rolling stock have nickel journals, set averages VG+ except for restored lumber car, nice set for operator
Toy train reference material Item A- top shelf, left side, Greenberg's Price Guide to American Flyer- S Gauge - this is the earliest hardbound reference on AF-S, First Edition, 1980, small tear of dust cover, interesting historical reference

Item B- top shelf, right side, Greenberg's Price Guide to American Flyer- S Gauge - this is an earlier hardbound reference on AF-S, Second Edition, 1984, two small tears of dust cover, nice companion to item b.

Item C-middle shelf, left side, Lionel Collectors Guide to Postwar Lionel Trains by McComas and Tuohy, 1974, spiral bound soft cover, nice color plates of much of the production to that point, 64 heavy interior pages, clean interior, E-

Item D- middle shelf, right side, Greenberg's Price Guide to Lionel Trains O and Standard gauge trains from 1906-1942, really a catalog lots of pictures and color plates with valuations, soft back book, 96 pages, printed in 1977, clean E.

Item E- bottom shelf, left side, Greenberg's Price Guide to Lionel Trains, O and O-27 trains from 1945-1977, soft back book, 324 pages, mostly black and white photos, but some color plates of diesels, 6464 box cars and some sets, clean with light wear and some dirt on page edges from being used, printed in 1977, E-/E.

Item F- bottom shelf, right side, Greenberg's Price Guide to Lionel Trains, O and O-27 trains from 1945-1982, soft back book, 232 pages, many black and white photos, but lots of color plates of diesels, 6464 box cars and other rolling stock, clean with light wear and some dirt on page edges from being used, printed in 1982, E-/E.

Item G- bottom of frame, American Flyer Wide Gauge by Russell Park, catalog size, 1971, 32 numbered interior pages plus cover art, shows composition of most sets and some special items, trains are photographed in color but are a bit small in my opinion, good resource material, E-

Lionel Junior Freight Train No 1070W in original set box with original individual car, tender and locomotive boxes, includes 1688E 2-4-2 streamlined locomotive in gunmetal gray, original including marker lamps, nice paint finish with modest play wear, matching 1689W in gunmetal gray, aluminum plates and nickel journals a few light marks, whistle as made, 1680 tank car in silver with Sunoco trademark each side under dome, 1679 Baby Ruth trademark box car in dark cream with peacock roof and light brown doors and door guides and 1682 caboose in red lithograph with cream windows, doors and plates, all rolling stock have nickel journals and latch couplers, clean set except storage problems related to Baby Ruth car and caboose, has better boxes and set box locomotive, tender and tank car are E., would think about replacing box car and caboose

Item A, top shelf, left side, Marx desirable red frame hand car, all handles complete, boom is complete, original gray and blue men, double pick-up motor runs well, very nice piece with no defects, E.

Item B, top shelf, right side, new in original box Winross circus truck, very early style flatbed trailer and truck cab in cast metal finished in delightful yellow paint and lithographed side boards on trailer sides, Caravan Transport, 9 inches long connected, look good with O-scale

Item C, bottom shelf, Bannerville small tin lithographed station, open front in many colors, sign on roof, E/better, footprint is 6.75 inches long and 3 inches deep

American Flyer standard gauge assortment of passenger cars for parts or can be used on operating layout as they are complete. Top shelf, Item A, Yorktown Observation car in orange lithograph with peacock trim, green roof, gray flex couplers with brass journals, brass air tanks, end railing and steps, lighted, lithograph is actually pretty nice with limited marks, original green roof with some surface oxide along one side of clerestory, VG/better

Second shelf, Item B, 4332 Observation car in red enamel finish and darker red roof, gray fixed trucks with brass journals, individual brass window trim, decal doors and logos, brass end railing, gray air tanks and struts, lighted, car is all original and complete with moderate play wear overall, VG

Bottom two shelves, Item C, Pair of Eagle passenger cars coach and observation car lithographed in green with red window trim and gold and black logos, gray flex trucks with brass journals, brass air tanks and steps, orange roofs, lighted, cars are all original and complete except one missing brass air tank on coach, these cars have been played with hard and would probably best be used for parts, however, you could run them as well. Sold for less than value of parts, G.
$60.00 pair

Top shelf, left side, Item A, Renwal early Indy type racer, push toy, all plastic, pink tires, blue body with silver trim and number 5, yellow driver, nice original E.

Top shelf, right side, Item B, Marvi No. 10 U.S.A. plastic six chair Ferris wheel, green, red, yellow and blue plastic, nice with no problems, E.

Middle shelf, left side, Item C, Triang, made in England double decker bus in red plastic with yellow transfers, friction motor, original wheels and tires, slight warp, VG+

Middle shelf, center, Item D, Thomas small wrecker truck in light blue with silver boom, original rubber tires, original hook, E.

Middle shelf, right side, Item E, pair of Gay Toys soft plastic cars, blue police and red pick-up, original black wheel sets, priced for the pair

Bottom shelf, Item F, grouping of plastic toy soldiers., military academy look, probably hand painted, three have broken rifles, also includes two Britains Limited Civil War era soldiers, these have metal base and painted details, group of 11

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