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M10000 streamlined passenger set, three-piece two-tone tan with red striping, lettering and numbers, electric with headlight and bumper, set is matched for color, cars have four wheel trucks, motor is early spoke drive wheel motor with remote reverse, has been enjoyed a good bit and there are some spots, VG but looks better

Set No. 520 from 1936 in original set box with insert that includes: Wind-up Commodore Vanderbilt locomotive in black, early spoke drive wheel motor with screw-in key, 551 tender in black with silver rivets, 552 gondola in red, 553 tank car in yellow and 694 caboose in red, all cars have silver and black lithographed frames and tab and slot couplers, set includes oval of two-rail track and key, set has been played with some and is overall VG+/E-, box is shopworn but complete, very hard to locate Marx set boxes 80 years old!

Unlisted in Greenberg set book, set No. 8955 in woodgrain pattern white and brown printed set box, very unusual set that includes: No. 54 tin-lithographed Kansas City Southern A-A diesels, one powered and one dummy, lightweight freight consist that includes: 2532 CSOX tank car in green, 467110 Baltimore and Ohio box car in red, scarce 967 NYC side dumping car in light blue and 969 Kansas City Southern caboose in red, set also includes some telephone poles and plastic road signs, track and transformer has been removed, all contents are E/better, set box lid has corners taped

Large lithographed tin freight depot, no accessories included, straight and solid, clean lithograph, a nightmare to ship but a neat item to build on with an assortment of accessories, E-/E.

Group of Soldiers of Fortune flat lithographed metal stand-up figures:
A. American Infantry Doughboy chocolate brown reverse, VG

B. Horse mounted Soldier of the U.S. Army dark maroon reverse, VG

C. Infantry Private, red reverse, G.

D. Qualified Rifle Expert, prone position, brown reverse, VG

E. Flat lithographed soldiers- have not found many of these lately but these are very scarce - prone Infantry Private with Automatic Rifle, 15 point value- these have GREEN uniforms- some wear on these but so hard to find, about VG (have 2)
$12.00 ea.

F. Infantry private, walking, bend that has been straightened, VG

G. Infantry private, at attention, VG (have 2)
$5.00 ea.

H. Infantry private, at attention, with some rust on back, VG

I. Infantry private, kneeling and firing, bend that has been straightened, VG

J. Infantry first lieutenant, running, with some rust on back, VG

K. Infantry Colonel, VG

L. General, VG

Set No. 4115 in original set box that includes a 400 plastic steam engine with double reduction motor, reverse unit and headlight, New York Central lightweight tender, two 2071 silver and white with blue letter and numbers coaches and matching 2072 observation car, set includes correct amount of track and transformer, contents are very clean with just a couple of marks, all cars have plastic couplers and metal wheels, box is shopworn with a couple of blown corners but set number is complete and clear, set averages E.

Top shelf, left side, Item A - Military Headquarters in olive drab colors, complete including chimney, very clean with almost no play wear, E.

Top shelf, right side, Item B - Western log cabin from play set, this one is plain with plain interior, complete including chimney, minor play wear, E-/E.

Bottom shelf, left side, Item C- Roy Rogers play set cabin in light brown log lithography with logo above door, very clean with minimal play wear, E.

Bottom shelf, right side, Item D - Roy Rogers play set cabin in dark brown log lithography, logo above door, complete including chimney, very clean, E.

Marx large flat bed tractor trailer truck in red, plastic tractor cab, pressed steel trailer with plastic front bolster, probably had perimeter fences when sold new, still a very impressive and large truck, 27 inches long, VG+

Popular United States Capitol plastic kit in original box, includes all original contents in original bags with instruction sheet, includes miniature presidents set and booklet on presidents, there is a patina on the plastic from sun exposure long ago, also includes 12 of larger Marx presidential figures, most of which have been painted, that is not a part of the set, an added bonus

Top shelf, Item A - Doll House accessory set in original box, swimming pool, 20 figures, playground equipment, fence, gate, plastic construction and appears new

Bottom shelf, Item B - Ertl built-up farmhouse, click-fit snap together, best scaled for G-gauge train layouts, like new, comes with original instruction sheet

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