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Very nice quality, probably never used, channel track train by Marx, super clean lithography with track activated crossing gate and semaphore, train is the articulating version with wind-up plastic locomotive and lithographed cars, very clean original box with colorful graphics, E+/LN

Set No. 25000 that includes Marx scale freight set with 999 locomotive with Baldwin drive wheel motor, good looking original finish with light marks and number decals are complete plus wedge tender, Pennsylvania gondola in black, 256 Niacet chemical tank car in silver, 35461 Pacific Fruit Express refrigerator car in attractive yellow with brown roof and Reading caboose in red, all have scale trucks and metal tilt couplers, set averages E-/E, six piece set with set box with all inserts for cars, track and transformer

Item A, left side, very nice quality Oak Park station in yellow with green roof and brown base, unlighted as made, minimal marks, complete and original, comes with original button, E.

< Item B, right side, Large lithographed Glendale station, base has good bit of surface oxide on perimeter, station and roof is pretty clean and complete, this is a great item for the layout, VG- due to base, at the very low price of

Very nice example of the tin-lithographed Marx crawler tractor with original rubber tracks and driver, includes four implements including scraper blade, cart, roller and drag bucket, runs fine and is clean E.

Popular United States Capitol plastic kit in original box, includes all original contents in original bags with instruction sheet, includes miniature presidents set and booklet on presidents, there is a patina on the plastic from sun exposure long ago, also includes 12 of larger Marx presidential figures, most of which have been painted, that is not a part of the set, an added bonus

Top shelf, Item A - M10005 Union Pacific wind-up and dummy A-units in yellow and brown, includes original dog bone connector and key, both unit clean with just a few light marks, no broken tabs or any other problems, includes the correct 3824 Union Pacific caboose in yellow and brown with the desirable brown frame, very few small marks, E-/E.

Bottom shelf, Item B - 54 Kansas City Southern diesel A-unit in attractive black yellow and red livery, this one has the larger double reduction motor with reverse unit and headlight, clean shiny finish with a small number of light hairlines, E-/E.

Top of frame, Item A, Marx-Tronic Electric Train System- the train with the brain in the original colorful set box, includes Marx-tronic switcher, red gondola, yellow gondola, track, switch unit, loading unit, barrels and figure, missing instructions but believe set is complete with some extra track, E.

Bottom of frame, Item B, Marx-tronic Electric Train System items in set box bottom that includes: engine, three gondolas (two yellow and one red), three double switch track units, four bumper track sections (end missing on one), 13 curved track sections, 5 straight track sections, top portion of barrel loader and manual uncoupler, complete several sets with this lot, E.

Set No. 7675 in nice original set box that includes the M10005 power unit in silver, red and blue livery, small motor as made plus matching Denver, Omaha and Los Angeles coaches and Squaw Bonnet observation car, no track or transformer but could be added if requested, set is very clean with no significant marks, E.

Left side, Item A- Glendale Depot train station toy, harder to find light blue base, also includes red hand truck, lithographed trunk, trip for crossing gate and bench and cast metal figure, not Marx but looks good with station, E-

Right side, Item B- Glendale Depot train station toy, common green base, no accessories except crossing gate trip, missing lamp post, will add Lionel or similar post if requested, base is overall clean, lithograph good, VG+

M10005 streamliner passenger set in cream and green with orange windows, five piece set including power unit, three coaches and observation car, some play wear, comes with track and transformer, good operator set, VG/VG+

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