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Large lithographed tin freight depot, no accessories included, straight and solid, clean lithograph, a nightmare to ship but a neat item to build on with an assortment of accessories, E-/E.

Marx five-piece Mercury streamliner passenger set in gray with gray Mercury electric locomotive, complete and original with correct motor, original paint with quite a few play wear marks, all trim in place, plus nicely matched streamliner tender, U.S. Mail/Baggage car, Cleveland coach and Detroit observation car with rear jewels, the cars are very nice quality and nicely matched, very light marks on cars, locomotive is VG and cars are solid E-

Group of Soldiers of Fortune flat lithographed metal stand-up figures:
A. American Infantry Doughboy chocolate brown reverse, VG

B. Horse mounted Soldier of the U.S. Army dark maroon reverse, VG

C. Infantry Private, red reverse, G.

D. Qualified Rifle Expert, prone position, brown reverse, VG

E. Flat lithographed soldiers- have not found many of these lately but these are very scarce - prone Infantry Private with Automatic Rifle, 15 point value- these have GREEN uniforms- some wear on these but so hard to find, about VG (have 2)
$12.00 ea.

F. Infantry private, walking, bend that has been straightened, VG

G. Infantry private, at attention, VG (have 2)
$5.00 ea.

H. Infantry private, at attention, with some rust on back, VG

I. Infantry private, kneeling and firing, bend that has been straightened, VG

J. Infantry first lieutenant, running, with some rust on back, VG

K. Infantry Colonel, VG

L. General, VG

Left side of frame, Item A, Roadside Rest Service Station, green painted stamped steel base used with many of the Marx stations, tin-lithographed food stand with two stools, servers appear to look like old comedians Laurel and Hardy, two gas pumps, air pump, motor oil display rack and pressed steel car lift with light, includes valuable bulk oil dispenser, has one pump handle and hose and one facsimile gas bulb, reproductions available, some surface oxide on base and top of oil can display, about VG, not perfect but very neat and priced fairly at

Right side of frame, Item B, very nice tin-lithographed Marx roadster, red body with black trim, fenders and running boards, light brown top, white wheels, battery operated headlights, wind-up motor in working order, overall clean with light play wear, E-

Marx Allstate set no. 9640(B), large freight set in original box with dividers, lid of box is rough with a good bit of tape repair, nice contents as follows: 666 die cast locomotive with smoke unit, 2-4-2, Santa Fe standard coal tender, 51100 Southern auto carrier with four original loads, 77003 B&M box car, NYC crane car in black that is missing the boom, CB&Q girder flat with original girder and strap, Erie short flat car with orange Allstate trailer with blue truck cab, trailer is missing roof and rear doors, cab is missing grill, remainder is straight and clean, Allstate three dome tank car in blue and Santa Fe work caboose, big nine piece freight set in nice condition except for missing parts, all rolling stock have F-trucks, cast wheels and plastic tilt couplers, includes 100 watt transformer and some O-34 track, condition is E except for missing parts

Marx store display, factory painted complete set of Campus Cutie figures, the figures are sold in all flesh tone colors with the option for the owner to paint or not paint as desired, these show examples of color schemes that could be used by the customer, there are a few chips from handling but these figures are still very nice and collectible quality, if you like factory display material but do not like the prices you have seen, then these may work for you, priced as a set

Top shelf, left side, Item A Military Headquarters in olive drab colors, complete including chimney, very clean with almost no play wear, E.

Top shelf, right side, Item B Western log cabin from play set, this one is plain with plain interior, complete including chimney, minor play wear, E-/E.

Bottom shelf, left side, Item C Roy Rogers play set cabin in light brown log lithography with logo above door, very clean with minimal play wear, E.

Bottom shelf, right side, Item D Roy Rogers play set cabin in dark brown log lithography, logo above door, complete including chimney, very clean, E.

Marx large flat bed tractor trailer truck in red, plastic tractor cab, pressed steel trailer with plastic front bolster, probably had perimeter fences when sold new, still a very impressive and large truck, 27 inches long, VG+

Popular United States Capitol plastic kit in original box, includes all original contents in original bags with instruction sheet, includes miniature presidents set and booklet on presidents, there is a patina on the plastic from sun exposure long ago, also includes 12 of larger Marx presidential figures, most of which have been painted, that is not a part of the set, an added bonus

Left side, Item A- Glendale Depot train station toy, harder to find light blue base, also includes red hand truck, lithographed trunk, trip for crossing gate and bench and cast metal figure, not Marx but looks good with station, E-

Right side, Item B- Glendale Depot train station toy, common green base, no accessories except crossing gate trip, missing lamp post, will add Lionel or similar post if requested, base is overall clean, lithograph good, VG+

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