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Top and middle shelf, left, Item A, Joy Line passenger set with wind-up red boiler on black frame locomotive, small black Joy Line tender and three green 357 coaches with black only trim, all cars have original light orange roof, loco has some play wear marks but runs fine and has original spring keeper, tender is decent with light marks, cars have nice lithography but roofs have some marks, set is overall VG+

Bottom shelf, right side, Item B, 357 coach in green with gold and black trim, this one has the more desirable red lithographed roof, very clean lithograph with a few marks on the roof, at least E- but very close to E.

M10000 streamlined passenger set, four-piece two-tone green and cream with red striping, lettering and numbers, electric with headlight and bumper, set is matched for color, cars have four wheel trucks, motor is correct spoke drive wheel motor with manual reverse, has jewels and light pick-up on observation car, set has been take care of and has only light play wear, E-

Item A, top shelf, Zippo the Monkey, tin-lithographed toy, pull on string and monkey climbs the string, very clean and bright colors and used little, E.

Item B, bottom shelf, tin-lithographed small chicken coup with coup and fenced-in area with lots of nice detailing, nice condition, E.

Marx five-piece Mercury streamliner passenger set in gray with gray Mercury electric locomotive, complete and original with correct motor, original paint with quite a few play wear marks, all trim in place, plus nicely matched streamliner tender, U.S. Mail/Baggage car, Cleveland coach and Detroit observation car with rear jewels, the cars are very nice quality and nicely matched, very light marks on cars, locomotive is VG and cars are solid E-

Left side of frame, Item A, Roadside Rest Service Station, green painted stamped steel base used with many of the Marx stations, tin-lithographed food stand with two stools, servers appear to look like old comedians Laurel and Hardy, two gas pumps, air pump, motor oil display rack and pressed steel car lift with light, includes valuable bulk oil dispenser, has one pump handle and hose and one facsimile gas bulb, reproductions available, some surface oxide on base and top of oil can display, about VG, not perfect but very neat and priced fairly at

Right side of frame, Item B, very nice tin-lithographed Marx roadster, red body with black trim, fenders and running boards, light brown top, white wheels, battery operated headlights, wind-up motor in working order, overall clean with light play wear, E-

Set No. 4350 in original set box, steam freight set with plastic 400 steam locomotive, 551 lithographed top tender, 241708 B&O yellow gondola with red interior, 19847 Sinclair tank car in black, and 20102 NYC red and gray caboose, all rolling stock have plastic knuckle couplers, set came with trestle set and cardboard village which is not included, nor is track and transformer, train set and set box only, E/better

Top shelf, Item A- Marx standard gauge floor pressed steel toy locomotive and tender, locomotive is played with in red with plenty of marks, tender is clean in black painted finish, locomotive is G and tender is E-

Middle shelf, Item B- Marx small floor toy pressed steel train set in red, includes locomotive tender combination and usual three gondola freight consist, VG

Bottom shelf, Item C- Marx small floor toy pressed steel locomotive and tender combination in red, lots of playwear marks, VG-

Left side, Item A- Honeymoon Express train toy with yellow and red bridge and two tunnels, this one has a port for an overhead accessory such as an airplane, runs fair, decent VG/VG+

Right side, Item B- Honeymoon Express train toy with yellow and red bridge and two tunnels, runs pretty well, decent VG/VG+

Top shelf, Item A- Zig-zag train toy, Disneyland train, all tin-lithographed construction, metallic blue locomotive with Mickey and Goofy as engineers, various Disney characters in windows, motor works well on this one, nice E

Middle shelf, Item B- Zig-zag train toy, Disneyland Express, green plastic old time style locomotive, unbroken but motor needs a little work, three tin-lithographed cars with most of the Disney characters- Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Dumbo, etc., VG

Bottom shelf, Item C- Zig-zag train toy, Dodge City Express, black plastic locomotive, tin-lithographed, wood side design coaches , motor runs, VG+

Top shelf, Item A- Zig-zag train toy, unusual Roy Rogers example with white plastic stage coach locomotive with painted red trim and three related lithographed tinplate cars including Trigger and RR Ranch, one plastic front wheel missing on stagecoach, otherwise VG+/E-

Bottom shelf, Item B- Zig-zag train toy, Dodge City Express, entire unit is tin-lithographed, wood side design coaches with old time locomotive, missing one sand dome, VG+

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