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Marx play set houses with open back, tin-lithographed, clean lithograph, some needed a little bit of straightening, brick colonial style with 1859 over the door, (have 3), around E-/E.

Left side, Item A- Very early incomplete Honeymoon Express toy to complete or use for parts, interesting four color camouflage pattern tunnels and three color orange, green and black bridge, includes complete early style train, need wind-up mechanism to complete, VG+/better

Right side, Item B- Incomplete Honeymoon Express train toy to complete or use for parts, black bridge and two tunnels, early train that does not go with this base, no wind-up mechanism, overall VG-

Marx 3000 Rider Type floor toy locomotive and tender, red with black cab roof, red color is faded from sun exposure/age, 3000 embossed on tender, Commodore Vanderbilt front with New York Central on oval embossed in badge on boiler front, Complete and original, VG-/VG, 23 inches long, 6 inches wide and 10 inches tall

Marx tin-lithographed Four Lane Highway toy set, this one has the complete roadway with original plug-in cord, operates, has three vehicles, box cover shows seven, so not sure how many are missing but most found have no cars remaining, clean lithography, box is a little torn-up, E-/E
Top shelf, Item A- cast metal toy soldiers, unbroken with original paint to include: two B118 Barclay soldier with Anti-Aircraft Gun, cast helmet, B116 773 Officer Reading Orders, B22 At Attention, Manoil M58 No. 32 Stretcher Carrier and matching composite stretcher carrier of unknown manufacture plus stretcher and M167 41/39 Farmer at Water Pump, total of eight pieces in nice VG+/E- condition

Middle shelf, Item B- Marx flat tin lithographed grouping of soldiers that includes: Nine Infantry Privates Charging, 15 point value, 6 are clean and 3 have some surface rust, Infantry Private at Attention, 5 point value, one Sergeant, 10 point value, one Infantry Lieutenant, 20 point value, little oxide at top edge, Infantry Captain, 30 point value, Infantry Colonel, 75 point value and Machine Gun Unit-Private, 25 point value, total of 15 pieces, average grade VG+

Bottom shelf, Item C- Manoil 103 Gasoline Truck and 104 Chemical Truck, nice original silver paint and red painted wood wheels, male hook missing on Gasoline truck, VG+ priced for the pair

Item A, top shelf, Zippo the Monkey, tin-lithographed toy, pull on string and monkey climbs the string, very clean and bright colors and used little, E.

Item B, bottom shelf, tin-lithographed small chicken coup with coup and fenced-in area with lots of nice detailing, nice condition, E.

Set No. 4350 in original set box, steam freight set with plastic 400 steam locomotive, 551 lithographed top tender, 241708 B&O yellow gondola with red interior, 19847 Sinclair tank car in black, and 20102 NYC red and gray caboose, all rolling stock have plastic knuckle couplers, set came with trestle set and cardboard village which is not included, nor is track and transformer, train set and set box only, E/better

Left side, Item A- Honeymoon Express train toy with yellow and red bridge and two tunnels, this one has a port for an overhead accessory such as an airplane, runs fair, decent VG/VG+

Right side, Item B- Honeymoon Express train toy with yellow and red bridge and two tunnels, runs pretty well, decent VG/VG+

Top shelf, Item A- Zig-zag train toy, Disneyland train, all tin-lithographed construction, metallic blue locomotive with Mickey and Goofy as engineers, various Disney characters in windows, motor works well on this one, nice E

Middle shelf, Item B- Zig-zag train toy, Disneyland Express, green plastic old time style locomotive, unbroken but motor needs a little work, three tin-lithographed cars with most of the Disney characters- Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Dumbo, etc., VG

Bottom shelf, Item C- Zig-zag train toy, Dodge City Express, black plastic locomotive, tin-lithographed, wood side design coaches , motor runs, VG+

Top shelf, Item A- Zig-zag train toy, unusual Roy Rogers example with white plastic stage coach locomotive with painted red trim and three related lithographed tinplate cars including Trigger and RR Ranch, one plastic front wheel missing on stagecoach, otherwise VG+/E-

Bottom shelf, Item B- Zig-zag train toy, Dodge City Express, entire unit is tin-lithographed, wood side design coaches with old time locomotive, missing one sand dome, VG+

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