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Marx Glendale Depot on green base, this is the manual version that does not have a light pole or caution sign, not as interesting but actually harder to locate from my experience, nice lithographed depot, crossing gate works as well, accessory items included are red hand truck, red bench, trunk and very hard to find suitcase, nice E-

Large tin-lithographed circus tent with pair of side show accessories, also includes one Super Circus flag, lithograph is pretty clean but I had to repair a bunch of broken tabs on the main tent, great item for a diorama or a large layout that could accommodate the size of this item, VG+ due to repairs

Set #45200 (listed in Whitacre¹s Marx set book): #21 SF powered A and dummy A units in EX condition with horns on power unit replaced, 1950 GAEX boxcar with only DF written out, 44572 C&0 high side gondola with rivets on side and Marlines logo on end, 1951 ATSF caboose, all freight cars on type D trucks with short metal auto couplers and all in EX- condition, 0-34 track loop, uncoupling unit, 1249 50 watt X-former, box in VG shape with minimal water-staining on cover

Set No. 28852 with hybrid contents to include Monon 81 A-B tinplate diesel units in gray and red livery, large double reduction motor, B-unit is eight-wheel version to mate with plastic freight cars that include 467110 red B&O box car, Erie lumber flat in maroon with matching side fences and C-350 Monon caboose in red with white logos, nice clean set despite no set box, E.

Top shelf, left side, Items A and B Marx hand trucks used with Glendale Depot and other toys, all original paint and wheels, some play wear, VG+ A. hard to find original yellow (1)

B. original red (2)

Middle shelf, Item C- grouping of 12 plastic Marx toys for play sets

Bottom shelf, Item D- Korean knock-off of Marx type floor toy train

Top shelf, Item A- Marx tin-lithographed bulldozer in attractive orange with lithographed details in other colors, nice finish with modest play wear, complete original rubber tracks, runs and has key, missing driver only, about 10 inches long, VG+/E-

Middle shelf, Item B- Marx tin-lithographed crawler tractor in green with red, white and black details, has original rubber tracks and plastic smoke stack, modest play wear, only missing driver, about 10 inches long, runs and has key, overall VG+/E-

Bottom shelf, Item C- Marx earlier tin-lithographed road roller toy, modest play wear, lithographed gold body and black and yellow wheels, key built-in on front of toy, runs back and forth correctly, complete and original except missing driver, VG+
Plastic farm equipment, four tractors, one has wheels, discs, plows, cutters, wagons, trailers, front end loaders, neat grouping of not so easy to find small farm equipment, total of 19 pieces, VG+/E-
Left side, Item A- Marx crawler tractor in harder to find Bucyrus green color, has original man and rubber tractor treads, runs fine, light and scattered marks from play wear, VG+

Right side, Item B- Marx early style tin-lithographed milk wagon, portion of wind-up motor has been removed, some play wear, still a very desirable item, VG/VG+

Top shelf, item A- Marx delivery truck single piece body shell with original paint and decals, played with hard but will make a good project, VG-

Middle shelf, item B- Marx aluminum tractor with three wheels, key, but missing most of motor, good for parts or project to complete/customize, VG

Bottom shelf, item C- Marx early small tractor, needs driver and rubber tracks to complete, one wheel is copper instead of red, motor works fine, lithography is very nice and clean in red and black, E-/E

Top shelf, item A- Marx beautiful quality two horse team, tin lithographed finish, hitch and front wagon wheels, I have seen the complete toy previously and it has a plastic farm wagon behind the team, E+

Middle shelf, item B- Marx grass cutter implement in very clean tin-lithographed finish, all metal construction, used with some Marx tractors, small gear missing that makes cutter blades go back and forth, still a very clean and desirable item, E+

Bottom shelf, item C- Marx of Japan earth mover, nice clean tin-lithographed item, missing front tires, bin mechanism complete, nice little toy, E.

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