American Toys

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American Flyer 235 Water Tank Set on long red painted base, red tank with light on top water tower with white American Flyer Lines script, black super structure, red ladder at rear, colorful lithographed lighted shanty in center, manual single semaphore to left of shanty, all original except replacement spout and weight on water tank, one small hole punched at each end of base, nice VG+

Lionel No. 270 Single Span Bridge in bright red with aluminum plates, comes with an orange and blue original box, so assume this is the 1946 only issue of this item, probably never played with very much as there is only minor paint loss on sharp edges and no real play wear marks or scratches, should be graded E. (have 2 with later box, one box missing one end)

No. 115 Lionel City Station with automatic train control, late colors, cream and red with silver light fixtures, bulbs in place on exterior and interior, modest play wear marks, mostly on upper roof wall edge, original skylight piece, E-

Ives painted tin standard gauge grade crossing, one finial is missing, reproduction finials available, all original finish, almost 2 feet long, VG+/E-

Bridge builders kit, open truss bridge, 26 1/2 inches long in beat-up original box, steel construction finished in aluminum paint, adjusta-Bridge manufactured by Junior Bridge Co. of New Jersey, two complete kits and one with just the bridge sides,
complete bridge $15.00

incomplete bridge $10.00

Item A, top shelf, left side, nice quality cast iron hand truck, unbroken with original red painted finish, works best with standard gauge trains, E-
$15.00 each

Item B, top shelf, right side, two Marx plastic olive drab military tents and trash can unit, probably from military play set, E.

Item C, bottom shelf, left side, grouping of nice quality Erector Set sheds in red and white tin-lithographed construction, have 3

Item D, bottom shelf, right side, Matchbox of England, Y-7 and Y-11 historic autos in original shopworn boxes
$7.00 each

Item A, left side of frame- Lionel 125 Whistle Shack, 1950-1955, complete except missing little paper sign over the door, clean item with no damage, E-

Item B, right side of frame- Lionel No. 450 Signal Bridge, Two Track, black finished metal construction with gray plastic footings, comes with original instruction sheet and shopworn box with insert but no end flaps, VG+/E-

Small selection of Wyandotte trucks: Top shelf, left side, Item A, Railway Express Agency box truck, pressed steel truck in blue with lithographed box in multiple colors, red, green yellow, blue and white, front grill and bumper is lithographed tin in yellow, light blue and white, original rubber tires and metal axles, light play wear on box roof, overall E-, 6.5 inches long

Top shelf, right side, Item B, pressed steel dump truck, all red original paint finish, bin dumps with latch, original white rubber tires marked Wyandotte, very light play wear, 5 inches long, E-

Bottom shelf, left side, Item C, pressed steel early four door sedan in original black and red painted finish, has hitch at rear for trailer, appear to be reproduction white rubber tires marked Wyandotte, moderate play wear marks, 4.5 inches long, VG/VG+

Bottom shelf, right side, Item D, pressed steel stake body truck in all green original paint finish, bin dumps with latch, appear to be reproduction white rubber tires marked Wyandotte, light play wear, 5 inches long, VG+/E-

Structo toys that appeared in pre-war American Flyer catalogs. Top shelf, Item A, Structo steam shovel tin toy from the mid 1920s, complete except missing piece of lift chain, original colors are there but are faded, VG

Bottom shelf, Item B, Structo pressed steel tractor from the mid 1920s original paint with more vivid colors, missing tracks and motor spring has broken, driver is original but may not be correct for this toy, good for the shelf or use to repair other tractors, VG

Top shelf, Item A, left side, Tootsietoy 1017 Torpedo Coupe in red with two part wheels with white rubber tires and sheet steel floor, very nice quality with no marks, collector quality, E/E+

Top shelf, Item B, center, Tootsietoy Chevrolet 1969 El Camino in red with silver trim, original tires, essentially no marks, 6 inch, E.

Top shelf, Item C, right side, Tootsietoy1954 Cadillac in red with silver trim, moderate play wear, mostly on roof and exposed edges, original tires, 6 inch, VG

Middle shelf, Item D, left side, Tootsietoy 1947 Mack L-Line tow truck in red with tow rig, original rubber tires, moderate play wear marks, VG

Middle shelf, center and right side, Item E, pair of Tootsietoy 1947 Mack L-Line tow trucks missing tow rig, one yellow, VG+ and one red, E., original tires
$12.00 pr.

Bottom shelf, Item E, left side, Appears to be custom painted Lincoln 2-door coupe, not marked, but construction is same as Tootsietoy, very attractive with no marks, 6 inch

Bottom shelf, Item F, center, Hubley No. 403 in red with silver trim, looks like a Ford compact pick-up truck, original tires, almost no signs of play wear, E+

Bottom shelf, Item G, right side, Tootsietoy tractor in dark blue, repair at axle holder, looks E except for damage